Advantages and disadvantages of mobile lifting desk
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When the mobile lifting desk boom hit, many people switched to electric ones. People used to spend eight hours a day sitting at their desks, but now they can alternate between standing up and working at their desks.

I will interview a customer who has used a mobile lifting desk for a period of time, this is about the customer's feedback on the advantages and disadvantages of electric lifting desk to us!

advantages of mobile lifting desk


Energetic: Standing at a mobile lifting desk gets my blood flowing and keeps my mind sharp. It's hard to doze off in front of an electric lift table.

Be more interactive with your co-workers: Sitting at your desk, even in a semi-cubicle, often misses opportunities to talk to your co-workers or notice something important. Standing gives me more opportunities to chat with colleagues, even if it's just for a few minutes. It actually makes communication easier because I don't have to send an email to anyone, but I can look at a few tables, look at them and talk for a while.

Posture and Core Strength: Standing up a lot and maintaining good posture have really increased my core strength. I also have much less back and tailbone soreness than WHEN I sit for 8-10 hours a day.

Be prepared to take action: When you're sedentary, it may take some time to get up and away from your desk in an emergency. Standing in front of a portable mobile lifting desk, you're like a sharp antelope, ready to get rid of any danger that might arise or the danger of rushing to your colleagues for help.

Disadvantages:Leg/foot pain: AT first, I didn't realize that standing for a long time would require rest, so I often stand for a long time and cause leg and foot pain. (Tips: Stand for about 15 minutes each time. Alternate standing and sitting are healthier.)

Everyone can see you: yes, that could be a disadvantage. If you're standing alone while everyone else is sitting down, it's a little weird at first, but as everyone gets used to the mobile lifting desk, it feels normal.

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