Which office lift desks are popular?
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I used to observe what office equipment people would buy for themselves, such as office lift desks or keyboard lift stands. Before the company also has the public kind (floor type), but there are still many people will purchase their own desk type self-use, so which type of lifting desk is the most popular?

kind of computer table for working

As early as before, I also know when you lift desk of choose and buy related products, but in the end because of the large equipment, worry about bearing, so I bought it myself before lifting table is the structure of the arms, behind a colleague bought this keyboard lift stand, the experience, only to find that in fact is also very good, deal with most of the table of office equipment bearing is better than I imagined, And the lifting damping setting is actually better than the ordinary manual two-axis lifting table control adjustment, so behind female friends or colleagues to buy, BUT I recommend this type of single-axis table.

This kind of computer table for working actually I also installed three or four, are bought by colleagues, and then I help install. Installation is difficult, because itself is the folding structure, convenient packaging, so the only need to install the keyboard hand support part.

The color of office lifting desk actually has black, white two kinds, I before the table is black, and the table is put in the home, so simply buy a white more home, the whole installation process is also very simple, is to open the box, things out, and then install the keyboard hand support, set the resistance coefficient is done.

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