the development process of desk lift for laptop
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At present, people's way of visiting the capital is no longer limited to traditional reading materials, more people start to read e-books, and more and more people start to use laptops for work, study, and entertainment. So the research team put forward the idea that people who use laptops also raise their heads, and began the development of the desk lift for laptops. It liberates people's cervical vertebra and relieves the pressure on the eyes. After understanding the specifications and sizes of notebook computers and analyzing the research on different sight ranges required by people of different heights, a series of development methods are carried out:

development of the desk lift for laptops

1. Hinged splint adjustment mode with Angle

For the first time, the computer table for working needed to be moved by hand to adjust the Angle and tilt the screen up. This kind of adjustment method is a little too simple, it is not very convenient to use, and the Angle control is not very good. In view of these problems, the researchers started the second round of technical research.

2, the overall lifting platform up, down

After this method was studied, in the process of use, it was found that she affected the hand contact with the keyboard, and it was difficult to achieve a smooth rise effect, which was immediately rejected.

3, hinge type, lead screw drive tilt lifting mode

This kind of elevating means is operated completely by the electric drive, manual switch, the operation is simple, appearance is beautiful while ensuring the realization of health care function, still do not affect the hand to touch the keyboard.

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