What glass furniture does the glass furniture makers?
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People chooses furniture, can choose the more durable material such as ligneous, marble commonly, and the furniture that rare meeting someone chooses vitreous material pledges, vitreous material pledges to always give a person fragile and not durable feeling. The famous glass furniture maker , Licheng, introduced a new technology for welding straight glass panels in the 1980s. It uses a structural adhesive to keep the welded parts transparent. Over the years, the technology has met extremely high quality standards.

famous glass furniture maker

We are not only a manufacturer of glass furniture, but also provide a more perfect solution for all kinds of glass products. Such as computer table for working has a variety of color optional, wooden drawer that coincide with a wooden seat seat, can also provide a variety of different sizes, choose glass table base, desktop USES three kinds of new ceramic + glass polishing surface, forming a state with a marble effect, also can make ‍ eat edge ark, smoked glass that has a variety of height and width are available. The contours and legs around the cabinets are made of bronze or black metal. The coping of cabinet chooses green marble or gules decorative pattern marble, very exquisite. ‍ ‍

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