What does furniture glass manufacturer maintain furniture doohickey have?
 Nov 11, 2021|View:46

Vitreous furniture is more and more thin young people like, but vitreous furniture is done a thing that lets a person compare headache however, so, let furniture glass manufacturerexplain to maintain furniture trick for you what to have!

1, spread the tablecloth: in order to prevent glass furniture scratching, you can lay the tablecloth, which not only avoids the collision, but also plays a dustproof role.

2, avoid collision: if you place things on glass furniture, it should be handled gently, avoid collision, to prevent damage to glass furniture.

3, daily cleaning: in the case of glass furniture, directly wipe with a wet towel. If encounter the smudgy that cleans very hard, can wipe with a few edible vinegar, but avoid uses acid alkalinity the solution with stronger cleanness, lest corrode vitreous furniture.

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4, clean dirt: for the frosted glass with patterns, when we remove dirt, we can use a toothbrush dipped in detergent, wipe in circles along the pattern. Then the frosted glass will be clean.

5, placement: quality home furniture is placed in a more fixed place, do not arbitrarily move back and forth, so as not to accidentally encounter and damage; Want to place an object smoothly, heavy object should place bottom of vitreous furniture, prevent furniture center of gravity is not stable to cause overturn.

6, plastic wrap: for stained glass, can use plastic wrap to deal with, so that the gloss of glass furniture as new day by day. If there is handwriting on vitreous furniture, usable eraser is soaked water friction, reoccupy wet cloth to wipe next can.

The above is a glass furniture makers about glass furniture maintenance tips what some of the introduction, is everyone remember? Do you also find these methods very practical? I hope to be of some help to you.

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