Suitable height of computer table for working
 Nov 15, 2021|View:23

The height of the computer table for working should not exceed 70 cm. In Japan, the standard desk height before 1971 was 74 centimeters. Due to a variety of occupational diseases, Japan revised the standard of office appliances in 1971, setting a standard height of 70 cm for men and 67 cm for women, thus greatly reducing the occurrence of fatigue.

computer table for working

General L shaped desk officeworks should not exceed 70 centimeters, but the person that also wants to do according to different height is adjusted appropriately. Correct computer desk height should be able to make the person keeps two basic perpendicular when sitting, it is to be put on the ground flat when two feet, thigh and crus can be basic perpendicular, at this moment before the seat edge cannot form oppression to the plane below thigh. Two is when the two arms naturally droop, the upper arm and forearm are basically vertical, then the height of the desktop of the computer desk should just contact with the lower plane of the forearm. This allows one to maintain correct sitting and writing posture. If the height of the table and chair collocation is ignored, it directly affects the sitting position of people, which is not conducive to the health of users. For this, the space below desk mesa is tall not less than 580mm, dimensional width is not less than 520mm.

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