Is a office lift desk worth buying for a healthy?
 Nov 18, 2021|View:18

Office lift desk has been quite popular in foreign countries, but in China we are not very strong on the concept of electric lifting table. In fact, the electric lift table is not high-tech. Lift tables have a long history, probably dating back to the 15th century, but it's been eight, if not 10, years since the first electric lift table was created.

Electric lifting table is completely to meet the needs of modern office technology evolution. For example, I typed this paragraph standing up. Fatigue from sitting for long periods of time and the need to work on a computer means that standing up at work can satisfy both the physical and professional needs.

70 cm from computer table for working

Lifting range:

The average adult desk is 70 cm from computer table for working to floor. If you plan to use an electric lift table for time-sharing reuse, choose a three-leg table that can be lowered even lower. As for how high it goes, it's basically 120 centimeters now. A person of 190 can comfortably stand up.

Single motor or double motor:

With motors on both legs, it can carry more weight, and the table can rise and fall faster. If it is a single motor, bearing parameters are not a big problem, who will not have nothing to sit on the table to play lifting. But a single motor means you have to have a transmission mechanism between the legs. More than one transmission mechanism, the complexity of installation, but also prone to failure.

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