Practical application of Chinese borosilicate glass tubing
 Nov 22, 2021|View:705

Chinese borosilicate glass tubingis a kind of glass that can effectively reduce the expansion coefficient of glass by changing the glass composition, it can effectively improve the light transmission and glass strength as well as the thermal conductivity of glass.

Chinese borosilicate glass tubing

Chinese borosilicate glass tubing can be used as medicinal packaging because of its stability, sealing, and mechanical properties, and its protection from deterioration during storage and transportation. It can also be used in utensils and cookware. Glassware and cookware require high transparency, bright color, rich luster, good thermal and chemical stability, and high mechanical strength, Chinese borosilicate glass tubing shows its high performance in terms of thermal shock resistance, which can be heated directly over 150 °C by Open Flame, which can not be satisfied by ordinary glass. Chinese borosilicate glass tubing can also be used in glasses or monitor screen glass because of its high light transmittance and strength, and because it can be made ultra-thin.

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