Usage instructions of office lift desk
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Sedentary harm to human body is known to all, particularly large will cause poor blood circulation, heart disease, cervical vertebra disease complicated with a significantly increased risk of lumbar, but now the office basic it is spent on the chair, one is sitting all day. Usually the invention of the office lift desk solves this problem, need not at his desk for a long time, just want to stop, promote blood circulation of the legs so that the whole body.

Office lift desk is long-term desk, Internet, stocks, entertainment and other people's health partners. Is by cervical spondylosis, shoulder vertebra disease and other diseases trapped in the working population health Gospel. Lifting desk is more and more recognized and advocated by the government, enterprises, schools and other institutions.

invention of the office lift desk

People such as up, fry, the probability of using computer table for working especially office lift desk is higher and higher, the survey found that using the lift desk people caused by sedentary disease have improved, but the long standing caused by cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, but in rising incidence of diseases such as muscle soreness, threat to health.

Office lifting desk users in the enjoyment of lifting desk to bring relaxed, healthy, free environment, but also pay attention to the following matters:

First, the use of office lift desk , should not stand for a long time, otherwise the sitting problem is gone, the problem of standing has emerged. Need to sit alternately, sit for an hour can stand for 20 minutes.

Second, do not stand still, the legs can be moved in a small range, in order to promote leg blood circulation.

Third, standing office, the height of the lifting desk is the best arm can be vertically placed on the desk, not too high or too low.

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