Smart Teaching Digital Podium Station brings digital teaching
 Dec 24, 2021|View:147

As electronic whiteboards, projectors, multimedia computers and other digital podium applies for school, the advantages of digital teaching gradually show. More digital devices can not only make the teaching process more intuitive and vivid, but also stimulate students' interest in learning and discovery and cultivate their independent learning ability.

functions of smart teaching digital podium station

While bringing digital teaching application to teachers and students, it also exposes many problems. For example, a lack of associated applications between devices and systems and low usage result in a large number of idle and wasted assets. As devices and systems have more functions, it is difficult to manage and use them and is not conducive to maintenance. With more and more functions of smart teaching digital podium station, each device has its own independent operation mode, which requires users to spend a long time to get familiar with the operation, resulting in "want to use, but not good or bad use!" The problem.

With the emergence of dual-motor electric standing teachers desk, all these problems are solved. Viewsonic intelligent platform integrates integrated control system, electromagnetic screen handwriting input system, interactive teaching system, multimedia interactive teaching system, automatic tracking recording and broadcasting system, and even electronic desk into seamless series and centralized control. That is to say, through the intelligent platform, teachers can conveniently and flexibly control each system.

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