How to open smart teaching digital podium station?
 Jan 28, 2022|View:374

Why does the smart teaching digital podium station also hear the start sound is no image display? There are several cases of this kind of disorder, which can be solved accordingly. The audio board also starts the media teaching all in one but the screen is black and there is no display. In this case, it is possible that your TV version does not start and you press the button in front of the TV-Power machine.

The screen shows, the TV turns on but the motherboard doesn't start. In this case, you also press PC-Power. If it still doesn't start, press the button on the side OPS box. Again, there's no need to unplug your OPS box before it starts.

smart teaching digital podium station

General smart teaching digital podium station plug in the power cord, open the power switch. Then use the buttons on the machine to open it. Press TV-Power first and then PC-Power in specific order. If the screen is bright but the computer motherboard does not start, you can press the switch on the OPS box on the side to start. If there is still no response, you can check whether the OPS box on the side is properly inserted, pull it out and plug it again. If not, we should contact the manufacturer to see if the board is broken and can not start.

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