Shopping tips for Square Tempered Glass
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The Square Tempered Glassis several times stronger than ordinary glass, three to five times stronger in bending, and five to 10 times stronger in impact than ordinary Glass, increasing both strength and safety. Square Tempered Glass is safer to use, has a greater load-carrying capacity, and improves its friability, even if it is broken into small, tangle-free pieces, greatly reducing the risk to the human body of accidental Glass breakage. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping:

Square Tempered Glass

1. Look at the sign and check the certificate

The first thing to check for in a Square Tempered Glass is a 3C logo, and according to the enterprise information, factory number, or product certification through the network to see whether the production enterprise of this product has passed the compulsory product certification (with 3C certificate and valid), whether the product model specification is in the scope of the enterprise has passed the compulsory certification, whether the certification status is valid.

2. Inspection report for inspection of the product

Buildings use Square Tempered Glass as a product that affects the safety of people and property, and regular manufacturers are subject to periodic inspections by watchdogs. Therefore, the production enterprise should be able to provide a quality inspection department issued by the Inspection Report.

3. Look for quality

View the appearance quality of the product. The Square Tempered Glass shall not be cracked, chipped, cracked, or scratched beyond the standard GB15763.2-2005. At the same time, the Glass used to make the Square Tempered Glass, as well as the Square Tempered Glass caused by defects inside the Glass, should meet the requirements of the corresponding product standards. To see the flatness of a Square Tempered Glass. For Square Tempered Glass products, the GB15763.2-2005 standard requires that the bow bend should not exceed 0.3% and the waveform bend should not exceed 0.2%.

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