Use hot-dip to prevent Triangle Tempered Glass from imploding
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Hot-dip treatment is also known as a homogeneous treatment, is commonly known as "detonation.". The hot-dip treatment is to heat the Triangle Tempered Glass to 290 °C ± 10 °C and keep the temperature for a certain period of time so that the nickel sulfide can complete the crystal phase transformation quickly in the Triangle Tempered Glass, this reduces the chance of a Triangle Tempered Glass exploding after installation by letting it break artificially early in the factory's hot-dip oven. This method generally uses hot air as the heating medium, called the "Heat Soak Test", or HST for short.

Triangle Tempered Glass

Hot Dip Point. In principle, hot-dip treatment is neither complicated nor difficult. But actually, it is not easy to reach this technological index. The results show that there are many specific chemical structures of nickel sulfide in glass, such as NI7S6, NIS, NIS1.01, etc. . The phase transition is highly dependent on the temperature. Studies have shown that the phase transition rate at 280 °C is 100 times higher than at 250 °C, so it is important to ensure that all pieces of glass in the furnace undergo the same temperature regime. Otherwise on the one hand, because the low temperature of glass insulation time is not enough, nickel sulfide can not complete phase transformation, weakening the effect of hot-dip. On the other hand, when the glass temperature is too high, it will even cause the reverse phase transformation of nickel sulfide, resulting in more hidden dangers. Both of these conditions can lead to laborious and even counterproductive hot-dip treatment. The uniformity of temperature in hot-dip furnaces is so important that the temperature difference even reaches 60 °C in most domestic hot-dip furnaces. So some of the Triangle Tempered Glass has a high self-detonation rate despite being hot-dipped.

In fact, the hot-dip process and equipment have been constantly improving. Under the new standard, the effect of the hot-dip process is very remarkable, and there is a clear statistical technical index: after the hot-dip process, it can be reduced to one case per 400 tons of glass. On the other hand, the design and structure of the hot-dip furnace have been improved continuously, and the heating uniformity has been improved obviously, which can basically meet the requirements of the hot-dip process.

Although the hot-dip treatment can not guarantee the non-self-detonation, it can reduce the self-detonation and solve the problem of self-detonation. Therefore, hot-dip is the most effective method to solve the problem of self-explosion in the world.

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