Analysis of the effect of Polygon Tempered Glass evenness
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The uneven thickness and the uneven flatness of Polygon Tempered Glasswill cause the reflective optical deformation of Glass on the one hand, and the optical distortion on the other causes optical distortion, which further affects the visual effect of the product. Local thinning of laminated Glass can also affect the bonding property of the product, when extruding the lamination, the isobutyl rubber will be uneven, which will affect the appearance quality and the sealing quality, and may cause local super-thickness, which will further affect the installation. So it's important to control the smoothness of the Polygon Tempered Glass.

Polygon Tempered Glass

The first is the accuracy of the roller, and the second is the problem of uneven stress. In general, the roller table of a horizontal roller hearth tempering furnace is made of fused quartz or ceramic material, which has good heat shock resistance and thermal stability, however, sometimes the inhomogeneity of its internal structure may lead to thermal deformation during heating, especially at high temperature. The thermal deformation of the table necessarily causes the table to bend and the Polygon Tempered Glass moving on its surface to deform. When the Glass is heated in the furnace, it is quickly transferred to the grate roller, which is still in a softening state. If the grate roller is deformed, it will affect the smoothness of the Polygon Tempered Glass, there are two main reasons for the easiest deformation of the raster roll table: one is the bending of the drive roll table, and the other is the defect of the thermal insulation material on the surface of the roll table.

In order to eliminate the stress and deformation of the roller table, it is necessary to preheat the roller table before glass toughening. For roller wear, in cleaning the roller need to polish the whole roller, as far as possible to avoid grinding the local roller, roller wear uniform, and keep the consistency of the roller. And often check the height of the roller table adjustment, so that the upper surface of the roller table is in operation as a plane to maintain the glass surface level. The structure of the grid roller table is wrapped with nylon rope on the surface of the metal roller table as heat insulation material. The Polygon Tempered Glass can easily cut the nylon rope by exploding in the grid, resulting in an uneven surface of the roller table. The nylon rope should be repaired and replaced in time.

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