Features of ceramic glass for Microwave Oven
 Jun 08, 2022|View:290

In our daily life, we often use the Microwave Oven for food heating, so the ceramic glass for Microwave Oven, as a common dish, can be put directly into the Microwave Oven. Of course, not all ceramic glass for Microwave ovens can be placed in the Microwave Oven, in terms of material characteristics.

ceramic glass for Microwave Oven

The ordinary glass bowl that we usually use in our daily life can not be heated in the Microwave Oven for a long time, but ceramic glass for Microwave Oven is made of high temperature and has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance and stability, it can be heated at high temperature for a long time. In addition, ceramic glass for Microwave Oven has a strong penetration, and can be very uniform heating, People's life is the best choice for heating utensils. Of course, there are some exceptions, some poor workmanship of the glass bowl, because of the uneven thickness of the bowel wall, easy to burst when heating. In order to prevent accidents when using glass bowls to heat in the microwave, we should pay attention to the glass bowl packaging when buying whether there is a heating logo, only those printed with a heating label can be heated in a microwave oven.

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