What are the benefits of using an adjustable lift desk?
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It's no surprise that most office workers sit too much. The average person spends almost six hours a day sitting at a desk and seven hours a night sleeping. This is not only harmful to your physical health but may also damage your mental and emotional health. While the exact cause remains to be studied, sitting for too long has been linked to negative health effects, including an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.

There are several ways to ease a sedentary lifestyle, including regular walking and exercise breaks and the use of adjustable lift desk. By spending less time sitting and more time walking, you'll reap the health benefits of burning more calories, improving health, and reducing your risk profile.

adjustable lift desk

Lower blood sugar

Your blood sugar usually rises after meals, and the more it rises, the worse it is for your health. These effects may be even more pronounced if you have type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance. Standing for three hours after a meal reduced spikes in blood sugar compared with sitting. Adjustable lift desk make work easier and eliminate excessive sitting time during the workday, lowering blood sugar levels in the process.

Relieve back pain

Many office workers who sit all day complain of back pain. There have been various studies to determine whether standing desks can improve back pain. One study in Minneapolis showed improvement in upper back and neck pain, while another showed further improvement in lower back pain. Even for employees with chronic back pain, two weeks of use of an adjustable lift deskcan bring significant improvements. If you suffer from chronic back pain as a result of a sedentary work environment, adjustable lift desks can give you the benefits of back pain.

Improves mood and energy

There is also evidence that a sedentary lifestyle is associated with poor mental health outcomes, including depression. In a review of the health benefits of standing desks, 87 percent of standing desk users said they felt more energized and active during their daily activities. They were also less stressed and tired than their sedentary peers. However, once they were back in their sitting position, their mood quickly returned to its original state. Adjustable lift deskscan improve mental health and increase workers' energy throughout the day.

Browse the modern office furniture selection of adjustable height and standing desks to find standing desks that can improve your health. You can reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease and create a better work environment by reducing back pain and improving your temperament.

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