How to choose quality home furniture?
 Aug 16, 2021|View:750

If pick quality home furniture of board type occupied very big market share now, because its plank is not easy, be out of shape, color diversity and what got a lot of people love. So-called board type furniture is to point to the furniture that adds hardware to join and become by man-made board. This kind of furniture disassemble assemble convenient, economize wood, color diversity, it is the breed that furniture industry place develops vigorously.

How to choose quality home furniture

Take a look at the edge veneer

Carefully find defects, edge quality greatly affects the quality home furniture. The first is the advantages and disadvantages of the edge material, and the second to pay attention to whether there is uneven edge, warping phenomenon. A good edge sealing should be fitted to the whole plate.

Veneer material is very big to furniture grade influence. To touch the surface paint film, the general board quality home furniture for solid wood veneer, medium grade is paper veneer, a molding and surface for adhesive veneer price is lower. Among them, paper veneer because of different processing technology and grade difference.

Look at the hardware fittings

Hardware connector is the most intuitive quality standard, good hardware to switch freely, no noise, surface coating without peeling phenomenon. The hardware of a few high-grade board type furniture is imported, can find foreign language mark above. Because can disassemble at will assemble the biggest advantage that is board type furniture, so the quality stand or fall of hardware connection piece is very important. Select board quality home furniture?

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