How to choose the most suitable office lift desk?
 Aug 23, 2021|View:668

Lift desk has a great solution that can help you - the standing-sitting alternating desk! However, there are many lifting tables on the market, which one will be more suitable for you?

1, electric office lift desk

The electric office lift desk is one of the best options to buy. But it's a little expensive. Price aside, the motorized lift table is the most convenient option, switching from standing to sitting at the press of a button.

Advantages: Large desk is ideal for office and home use, easy to adjust, customizable and stable.

Disadvantages: more expensive need electricity can not be moved at will desk position.

standing office lift desk manual lift adjustable ergonomic simple office computer

2, manual lifting table

Manual office lift desks are also easy to adjust. And it doesn't require electricity, making it a good choice for people who like to move furniture around and change the layout. We recommend using manual lifts to design your home office or office to create different types of flex points.

Advantages: Well-designed for office and home use, easy to adjust, no electronics can be moved at any time.

Disadvantages: Hard work.

3, Lift desktop platform

What if you don't want to replace your desk? The desktop office lift desk is a good choice and can be installed on any existing desktop. This is the best way to save time and money.

Advantages: Affordable sit-stand solution installed on existing desk can be easily adjusted without electronics

Disadvantages: the table becomes crowded and not beautiful enough.

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