How to choose custom office furniture?
 Aug 26, 2021|View:648

Do not think that the choice of custom office furniture can be as desired, want to do what shape what shape, want to do what function what function. Custom office furniture is generally based on the original furniture style to change the size, color, function (wire box) and so on.

choose custom office furniture

Of course, you can also custom office furniture according to your own wishes and ideas, but often there will be a business can not do the style you want, or the price is outrageous (under the reward, there must be a brave man). The reason is that we have not made the style you want, the first production material utilization rate is low, the labor cost is high, and the trial and error cost can not be ignored. If there is a batch production order in the later stage, the cost of customization can be reduced through sample production. If the quantity is small, please change the color and size to customize.

In the work of custom office furniture for customers, customers often provide decoration renderings, and let us do furniture configuration schemes according to the furniture style of decoration renderings. However, in the process of decoration design, designers seldom consider the economy and feasibility of furniture production, and often use many personalized products, or even furniture models of foreign imported furniture brands, in order to pursue the effect. According to the effect to achieve high cost performance of domestic customization is really difficult to sky. Also can only part of the appearance of the shape, part of the use of other products to replace (replacement products are often very different from the renderings).

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