Cutting methods of custom Pyrex Glass
 Nov 24, 2021|View:152

The hardness of custom pyrex glassvaries and it is a special type of glass with high hardness and can not be cut again. Heat-resistant 800-1000 degrees of fine glass and heat-resistant 1500 degrees of high-purity silicon dioxide glass, finished products can be used for secondary processing and cutting ordinary glass knives.

custom pyrex glass

If we want to improve the precision and accuracy of cutting custom pyrex glass, we suggest using an ultra-high pressure water knife, which can greatly improve the utilization of glass limited plates and reduce the unnecessary loss caused by manual cutting. For example, water knife cutting can be cut as small as a coin of heat-resistant glass, and the manual cutting method is out of reach. Water Knives, for example, can cut up to 5,000 custom pyrex glass slices a day, while hand cuts typically do not exceed 1,000 slices a day. Some large-scale heat-resistant glass processing plants are using ultra-high pressure water knife cutting methods to cut glass. Some small heat-resistant glass processing plants, due to outdated equipment, cutting heat-resistant glass is mostly using the oldest manual cutting method or knife cutting, manual cutting method is the main disadvantage, cut out of the glass size accuracy is not high, which in the special high-temperature optical glass production, is a big taboo. Water knife cutting out of the heat-resistant glass, there is a great advantage is, glass edge will not crack or jumping edge, can effectively ensure the integrity of the heat-resistant glass, extend the life of the glass.

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