Determination of Pyrex glass dielectric constant
 Nov 26, 2021|View:774

Dielectric loss and dielectric constant is important physical property of all kinds of metal oxides, plates, porcelain, mica, glass, plastic, and so on. The factors affecting the constant loss and dielectric constant of Pyrex glass dielectric can be further studied by means of the dielectric constant tester, which provides the basis for improving the performance of Pyrex glass.

pyrex glass dielectric constant

The permittivity tester can be used to measure the pyrex glass dielectric constant. Before testing, warm up the tester for 30 minutes by inserting the plug from the test fixture into the “Capacitance” terminals of the host test circuit, plug the test fixture into the “Capacitance” terminals of the host test circuit. Pyrex glass dielectric constant needs to be cut into a circle with a thickness of 1-5 mm. Adjust the measuring rod of the test fixture so that the flat capacitive electrodes of the test fixture are connected. Press the ZERO reset button and set the initial value to 0. Loosen the two electrodes and insert the sample between the upper and lower electrodes of the plate capacitor. Adjust the measuring rod of the test fixture until the sample is clamped by the plate capacitor.

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