Advantages of Arc Edge Design Multimedia Teaching Desk
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Arc Edge Design Multimedia Teaching Desk is a platform and computer, Multimedia control system, video booth, audio equipment, audio-video converter, and other electronic products into one product. It uses All-steel high-quality materials, electrostatic spray processing, a real sense of lock control, considerate human design, accurate intelligent control, network security design, large capacity of internal space, multipurpose, simple wiring, with a complete external equipment interface, and other features.

Arc Edge Design Multimedia Teaching Desk

1. All steel high-quality materials, electrostatic spray treatment:

Fire, lightning, anti-static all-steel structure design, beautiful appearance, select high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, surface treatment by pickling, phosphating anti-corrosion anti-rust electrostatic spray, durable.

2. Thoughtful, human design:

The convenient and practical central console, Multimedia platform all equipment operation is completed on the Arc Edge Design Multimedia Teaching Desk (such as computer boot button, laptop, external audio and video equipment, network connection, etc.), easy to use, easy to use, no need to bend down.

3. High volume interior space:

The Arc Edge Design Multimedia Teaching Desk is equipped with a computer host (or laptop), keyboard and mouse, central control system, 15-17 inch display, 19-inch liquid crystal display, and a physical display, wireless microphone, tape recorder, video recorder, DVD player, audio amplifier, teaching terminal, broadcast terminal, and other multimedia equipment.

Arc Edge Design Multimedia Teaching Desk

4. A multifunction:

The Arc Edge Design Multimedia Teaching Desk is available on all devices. Still can be placed in the table teaching aids, teaching equipment, and experimental demonstration.

5. Simple wiring, complete external device interface:

Compact vertical installation cabinet, high-standard and safe electrical wiring technology, so that the table is clean, beautiful. Powerful external device interface, reserve the space for future teaching application management expansion and upgrading.

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