Advantages of Digital Podium Applies for School
 Jan 04, 2022|View:644

In recent years, with the Primary Colors of education reform and the policy of information-driven education modernization in our country, many primary and secondary schools have carried out the construction and transformation of computer classrooms and multimedia classrooms. Digital Podium Applies for School is a platform for computers, multimedia control systems, video booths, audio equipment, audio-video converter, and other electronic products integrated into one product. The advantages of Digital Podium Applies for School are:

Digital Podium Applies for School

1. Digital Podium Applies for School integrated high-performance industrial computer, capacitive touch screen, lighting, stereo, microphone in one, can be equipped with the right desk for teachers to use.

2. Digital Podium Applies for School integrated nano touch screen, multi-touch support; high-quality noise reduction microphone, LED warm lighting; 2-way USB 3.0 high-speed interface, easy access to a USB stick or other USB devices.

3. Digital Podium Applies for School bottom output Modular design, aluminum alloy material, beautiful, with a groove design to avoid a lot of wire pile up; 4 universal mute casters with brakes, easy to move, it’s good for both static and dynamic. The safe voltage of the 12V power supply which is much lower than the human body can ensure the stability of the product and protect the user’s safety.

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