Introduction of Smart Teaching Digital Podium Station
 Jan 07, 2022|View:652

In modern Teaching, the platform is one of the indispensable assistant Teaching for teachers. Under the present Teaching condition, the platform and the computer, the power amplifier, the central control system, and so on are integrated into the Smart Teaching Digital Podium Station, the function and the user aspect may according to the present teacher teaching need improvement, expands the space to be quite big.

Smart Teaching Digital Podium Station

Smart Teaching Digital Podium Stationuses All-steel high-quality materials, electrostatic spray processing, a real sense of lock control, considerate human design, accurate intelligent control, network security design, large capacity of internal space, multipurpose, simple wiring, with complete external equipment interface and other features. The traditional platform height is fixed, in most cases does not match the height of the speaker, not only can not make different speakers feel comfortable and comfortable, the difference is too large in the case will disturb the deterioration of mood, seriously affect the speech effect. The chair is arranged according to the need, which takes up space and is inconvenient to move. Smart Teaching Digital Podium Station is designed with ergonomics to reduce the user’s feeling of fatigue. Another feature of the Smart Teaching Digital Podium Station is its small size. The desktop is designed to have a clamshell shape. The keyboard, mouse, and center control are all locked directly on the desktop. After opening the lock, the lid can be opened to use the multimedia platform. The multimedia platform is simple in shape and uses few materials, mainly high-quality cold-rolled steel plates, simple and practical.

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