Is square Step Glass double or single?
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Square Step Glassis a representative of the stair world of fashion, in recent years in which places more common, transparent, fashion by many young people like. So, square Step Glass Glass double or single? This is a lot of people and decoration companies in the current decoration of the stairs when the purchase is mentioned.

square Step Glass

Square Step Glass the weight of the Glass is different from that of the balustrade, and so is the thickness of the Glass, glass balustrades must be not less than 10mm (thickness and single block area, the greater the area of the thickness of the required thickness) of safety glass, therefore, according to the specific circumstances to determine. Square Step Glass the thickness of the square Step Glass is much higher. For example, there is a steel pedal under the Step to support the Glass. You can use a 12 + 12 mm plastic toughened Glass. The full square Step Glass is no less than 19 + 19 mm thick, after the material size, structure, flow of people, site conditions, and applicable places are determined, please professionals on the stairs for mechanical weighing load calculation qualified before the implementation of production and installation and other follow-up work.

In addition to the thickness of the Glass, the square Step Glass in public places suggests non-slip Glass or the safety of a square Step Glass with non-slip strips. The metal, pendants and other components supported by the integral steel structure shall meet the strength requirements. Finally, the glass and other components of the connection are required to have sufficient strength. It is recommended to choose step and railing with double-layer laminated safety glass.

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