Methods and requirements for cleaning clear gauge glass
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A clear glass gaugeis widely used in the laboratories of enterprises and institutions. As a basic measuring instrument in chemical analysis, the accuracy of its volumetric measurement results directly affects the subsequent analysis results. In order to prevent problems with the clear gauge glass, it is necessary to wash and dry the glass after use. Today we will talk about how to wash the clear gauge glass.

clear gauge glass

1. Normal washing equipment: when washing clear gauge glass, should first wash with soap, lest the oil on the hand stick on the instrument wall, increase the difficulty of washing. First, rinse with tap water, and then with soap, washing powder with a brush, then with tap water cleaning, and finally washed with purified water 3 times: you can also use soap, washing powder washing, but not with a brush. Precision or difficult-to-clean glassware: rinse with tap water, drain, then treat with chromic acid cleaner for a period of time (usually overnight), then rinse with tap water, and finally rinse with purified water 3 times. A clean glass instrument should not hang water droplets (when the clean instrument is inverted, water flow after the wall does not hang water droplets).

2. Clear gauge glass for trace metal analysis is immersed in a 1:1 -1:9 solution of HNO3 followed by conventional washing.

3. When performing fluorescence analysis, the clear gauge glass should avoid washing with detergent, which contains a fluorescent whitening agent that can cause errors in the results of the analysis.

4. Analysis of carcinogens, should choose the appropriate detergent immersion, and then according to the normal method of washing.

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