Performance and classification of reflex sight glass
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The glass is used in all kinds of observation windows because of its high transparency. The glass installed in these windows is called reflex sight glass. There are many types of reflex sight glass, which can be divided into high-temperature resistant reflex sight glass, high-pressure resistant reflex sight glass, ordinary window glass, etc.

reflex sight glass

Reflex sight glass features the following:

Heat resistant: can withstand 100-1500 °C high temperature.

High-pressure resistance: with the observation of the window glass material, thickness, and size, the maximum can withstand 30 mpa.

Strong acid and alkali resistance: special material observation window glass with strong acid, strong alkali, and other corrosion resistance characteristics.

Processing characteristics: can be perforated, polished, chamfering, toughening, screen printing, and other processing.

Reflex sight glass can be divided into two categories:

High-pressure resistant reflex sight glass: high-pressure refers to the ability to withstand a certain level of pressure of special glass, this glass is relatively thick, has high mechanical strength, and bending strength, ble pressure strength is high. The transparency of these glasses is relatively high, the generally visible light transmittance is more than 90%, but also has excellent chemical stability, high electrical insulation, and good heat shock resistance. Can be used in chemical, electric power, and oil pressure vessels.

High-temperature resistant reflex sight glass: this kind of glass is a kind of high heat resistance product, with the main heat resistance of 300℃, 500℃, 860℃, 1200℃, and other categories. The performance of each product is different.

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