What kind of glass is ceramic glass for Fireplaces
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The performance of ceramic glass for Fireplacesneeds to achieve the function of high-temperature resistance, to ensure the sealing performance, in order to avoid the escape of flame, and play a role in blocking the outflow of smoke. Therefore, it is required that the thermal conductivity be slightly higher in order to transmit heat to the entire room and that its light transmittance is sufficient in order to understand the burning situation in the fireplace and the size of the flame, so as to be both aesthetically pleasing, and energy saving.

ceramic glass for Fireplaces

Ceramic glass for Fireplaces is specifically designed for Fireplaces because of the density, the high temperature of combustion, and the open flame, so you need to choose this special glass material. Required high-temperature resistance, and good transparency. Density per cubic centimeter is about 2.6 grams, and according to its thermal characteristics, has a certain heat-resistant effect, but also needs to achieve a certain thermal conductivity. In addition, its acid resistance, and alkali resistance are very good.

With the development of technology, ceramic glass for Fireplaces is becoming more and more heat-resistant. Ceramic glass for Fireplaces used in open-flame Fireplaces has excellent high and low-temperature resistance and is suitable for all kinds of households, enterprises, and institutions in the north and the south.

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