Things to watch out for when Sector Tempered Glass is being transported and stored
 May 06, 2022|View:460

Sector Tempered Glass is currently used in a number of ways, especially in furniture, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also safe to transport and store, this can be a problem for many users, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

Sector Tempered Glass

1. Be careful when placing Sector Tempered Glasson top of each other, so that the bottom edge of the Sector Tempered Glass first touches the support arm, and then flatten the Glass so that all the points on the Glass surface are in contact. Must not make the glass first contact with a certain angle and then slide down, so it is easy to cause a thin and long scratch.

2. Be sure to place planks or paper between the cooled Glass sections. Because the Sector Tempered Glass stands on top of each other on the swing car, it is relatively unstable between Glass and Glass. The pull of a turnover car can easily cause relative vibration between glass, at this time if there are glass chips or other hard objects between glass will cause glass scratches.

3. Minimize the frequency of handling and use an assembly line. In the cold process to minimize the use of glass turnover car, glass in the cutting, direct transmission to the next process grinding edge. Each of the four edging machines grinds one side, then goes directly to the cleaning section, where the glasses should be lined with soft paper or wood as they are piled up after being cleaned by Sector Tempered Glass.

4. The original Glass factor: the selection of the original section Tempered Glass is also important. Some manufacturers'Sector Tempered Glass itself has scratches, and stones and grit from the original Glass can cause vibrations between the glasses in transit, resulting in secondary scratches as they move relative to one another.

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